China Black Extrusion 500x500mm QueenBee PRO CNC Wood Router complete Kit with Linear Rails upgrade 4Axis Woodworking Machinery 3D CNC linear rail binding

Situation: New
Variety of Spindle Velocity(r.p.m): 8000 – 24000 rpm
Positioning Precision (mm): .05 mm
Variety of Axes: 4
No. of Spindles: One
Working Desk Measurement(mm): 500×550
Machine Variety: CNC Router
Vacation (X Axis)(mm): 340 mm
Journey (Y Axis)(mm): 255 mm
Repeatability (X/Y/Z) (mm): .05 mm
Spindle Motor Power(kW): 2.2
CNC or Not: CNC
Voltage: 110V~220V
Dimension(L*W*H): 500x500mm
Energy (kW): 2.2
Excess weight (KG): 53
Control Method Brand name: Mach3
Warranty: Unavailable
Key Selling Details: Higher-precision
Applicable Industries: Developing Content Retailers, Machinery Repair Stores, Manufacturing Plant, Farms, House Use, Retail, Printing Retailers, Design works , Power & Mining
Equipment Check Report: Not Available
Video clip outgoing-inspection: Not Available
Warranty of main parts: Not Obtainable
Main Elements: Bearing, Motor, Engine
Origin: CN(Origin)
Merchandise Type: Mechanical Package/Components Areas
Drive Method: TR8*8 Guide Screws
Accuracy: .05 – .10mm (Screw Driven)
Body Materials: 6063-T5 Aluminum
V-Slot Anodized: Black
Motor: 4x Nema 23 Stepper Motor 2.45N.m-Large Torque
Spindle Specs: 1.5KW Air / Water Cooled or 2.2KW Air / Drinking water Cooled
Following Warranty Service: On-line support
Packaging Details: Bundling+Plastic Bag+EPE Foam+Levels of carton+stretch film wrapping

Design Number Alternatives
Model NumberItemController BundleSpindle BundleAir Cooled or H2o Cooled
xPROV5+1.5KW Air-CooledQueenBee Professional entire package = five hundred x 500mmMechanical Kit + 4x Large Troque Stepper Motors + Chain Bundle + Controller Bundle + SpindleBundle xPROV5 GRBLController Bundle1.5KW Air-Cooled Spindle
xPROV5+1.5KW H2o-Cooledone.5KW Water-Cooled Spindle
xPROV5+2.2KW Air-Cooled2.2KW Air-Cooled Spindle
xPROV5+2.2KW-drinking water-one hundred ten/220Vtwo.2KW Drinking water-Cooled Spindle one hundred ten/220V
HGRBL+1.5KW-Air-CooledHigh Torque GRBL Controller Bundle1.5KW Air-Cooled Spindle
HGRBL+1.5KW-H2o-Cooled1.5KW Water-Cooled Spindle
HGRBL+2.2KW Air-Cooledtwo.2KW Air-Cooled Spindle
HGRBL+2.2KW-Water-a hundred and ten/220Vtwo.2KW Drinking water-Cooled Spindle 110/220V
UC300+1.5KW-Air-CooledUC300 Mach3Controller Bundle1.5KW Air-Cooled Spindle
UC300+1.5KW-Water-Cooledone.5KW H2o-Cooled Spindle
UC300+2.2KW Air-Cooled2.2KW Air-Cooled Spindle
UC300+2.2KW-Drinking water-one hundred ten/220V2.2KW H2o-Cooled Spindle a hundred and ten/220V
NVUM+1.5KW-Air-CooledNVUM Mach3Controller Bundle1.5KW Air-Cooled Spindle
NVUM+1.5KW-Water-Cooled1.5KW Drinking water-Cooled Spindle
NVUM+2.2KW Air-Cooled2.2KW Air-Cooled Spindle
NVUM+2.2KW-Water-one hundred ten/220V2.2KW Drinking water-Cooled Spindle 110/220V
Bulk-Guy 3D is the premier wholesaler of Open up Resource CNC areas to the globe. By possessing the elements developed ourselves, or sourcing the elements right from the manufacturing unit, we get rid of the middle man and in doing so are in a position to offer the very best wholesale cost direct to the public!This is QueenBee of Black aluminum extrusions, the Silver Extrusion can be reviewed Here The QueenBee Professional is upgraded from WorkBee.It was changing the V-Wheels with Linear Rails to enhance all round rigidity and accuracy as effectively as minimize chatter when functioning on metals.The upgraded bolster plates and extrusion format paired with the precision linear rail technique allow for heavier instruments these kinds of as a 2.2kW and even a 4kW Spindle to be mounted to the machine. The improved rigidity of the linear rails on all axis decreases twisting of the axis and flex in the gantry noticed on the WorkBee due to heavier instruments currently being utilised. The QueenBee Professional produces a sleek and exact finish when milling aluminium and other comfortable metals by decreasing chatter. The typical ‘lead in’ and ‘lead out’ path noticed with machines employing V-Wheels running at higher feed charges has also been eradicated. Faster reduce times and running speeds are now feasible. Why use Linear Rails?There are many purposes for utilizing linear rails like market, healthcare, science, CZPT u36 substantial good quality 30052.584 300X52.5X84 rubber monitor defence, mining,building,transportation. The advantage of linear rails above other sorts of linear guides are the rigidity, precision and load potential. Linear rails are designed to face up to power applied from hundreds in all instructions, unlike other guides that are only designed to face up to a load in 1 path.Linear bearings use recirculating balls held in location under tensions for motion. The large strength construction of the bearings make them outstanding to preceding wheel motion in respect to load capacity, displacement accuracy and rigidity.
Workable Dimensions:
Body SizeX-AxisY-AxisZ-Axis
500x500mm 340mm Approx 255mm Approx 140mm Approx
500x750mm340mm Approx505mm Approx140mm Approx
750x750mm590mm Approx505mm Approx140mm Approx
750x1000mm590mm Approx755mm Approx140mm Approx
1000x1000mm840mm Approx755mm Approx140mm Approx
1000x1500mm840mm Approx1255mm Approx140mm Approx
1500x1500mm 1340mm Approx 1255mm Approx 140mm Approx
Suitable Substance for Cutting/Milling: Aluminium / Difficult Wood / Comfortable Wood / Oak / Plexi Glass / Delrin / HDPE / Foam This QueenBee Pro Entire Kit Involves: + QueenBee Professional Mechanical Package + 4 x Nema23( 2.45N.m) Stepper Motors + Cable Drag Chain Bundle + Wiring Cable Kit + CNC xPRO V5 or UC300 or Substantial Torque GRBL or Maker Shield GRBL Controller Bundle + 1.5kW Air / Drinking water or 2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle Bundle + All Extrusions are M5 Tapped as where it is necessary
Controller Bundle Choices:
Our 6 CNC Controller Choices are broken into 2 software program classes: GRBL and Mach3/DrufelCNC . These are the diverse computer software plans that are utilised to handle the CNC Device and send G-Code. The choice of which controller option to put in depends on what computer software system you will be making use of on your computer.[ GRBL Application based mostly controllers are: ]CNC xPRO V5 Controller BundleThe xPRO V5 is the most sophisticated GRBL CNC Controller in the globe. It operates off a 32bit processor with over 4x the processing electricity of most other GRBL controllers. The xPRO V5 is pre-assembled and pre-flashed with the newest GRBL version. We advocate the xPRO V5 as the ideal controller choice offered. The stepper motorists are easily ideal for our High Torque Stepper Motors and can even electrical power much better motors these kinds of as Nema34.Large Torque GRBL Controller BundleThe GRBL Substantial Current system uses an Arduino Nano with 8bit processor to handle the CNC equipment. This program utilizes external real TB6600 Stepper Motorists suitable for Higher Torque Stepper Motors. This program does call for you to wire up all the elements yourself and flash the Nano with GRBL. Due to the fact of this it is a quite customisable system. CNC xPROV5 Controller Higher Present GRBL Cotroller [ Mach3 / DrufelCNC Software program primarily based controllers are: ]UC300 Mach3 Controller BundleThe UC300 is the up grade to the NVUM CNC controller. It is produced by Digital Aspiration and utilized for 4-Axis CNC Equipment. The controller is appropriate with a common MPG Pendant and has numerous inputs and outputs. If you want to use Mach3 or DrufelCNC then we advocate this controller. The UC300 program uses exterior genuine TB6600 Stepper Motorists suitable for Substantial Torque Stepper Motors. This method does need some a lot more operate in wiring and placing up.NVUM Mach3 Controller BundleThe NVUM system controls 4 axis and is compatible with Mach3 or DrufelCNC. The NVUM technique has been utilized for years and has numerous online message boards about it. The NVUM program uses external real TB6600 Stepper Motorists appropriate for Higher Torque Stepper Motors. UC300 Mach3 Controller NVUM Mach3 Controller
Spindle Bundle for choice
* 1.5KW Air Cooled Spindle Bundle 110V or 220V * 1.5KW Drinking water Cooled Spindle Bundle 110V or 220V * 2.2KW Air Cooled Spindle Bundle 110V or 220V * 2.2kW H2o Cooled Spindle Bundle 110V or 220VThese Spindle Bundles have all the hardware for mounting a the Spindle on your WorkBee or other CNC machine. Specs of 1.5 kW Air/Drinking water Cooled Spindle * 1.5kW Air Cooled Spindle -Internet bodyweight: 2.6kg -Diameter: φ 65 x 205 mm * 1.5kW H2o Cooled Spindle -Net fat: 4.2kg -Diameter: φ eighty x 205 mm * Energy: 1.5 kW * Voltage: 220 ~250 V or one hundred ten V * Frequency: four hundred Hz * Speed: 8000-24000 R/min * Air/Water Cooling * Run-out off: considerably less than .005 mm * Grease Lubrication * VFD Inverter 1.5 kW 220 V or a hundred and ten V * Collet: ER11 Specs of 2.2 kW Water Cooled Spindle: * Net bodyweight: 5.3kg * Spindle Spec: φ eighty x 215 mm * Power: 2.2 kW * Voltage: 220 ~250 V or 110 V * Frequency: 400 Hz * Velocity: -24000 R/min * Water Cooling * Run-out off: considerably less than .005 mm * Grease Lubrication * VFD Inverter 1.5 kW 220 V or a hundred and ten V * Collet: ER20 Collets(28pcs/established) Clamping Assortment:
Nema23 High-Torque (2.45N.m) Stepper Motor
* NEMA 23 (Substantial Torque) * Shaft Size: 1/4″ * Phase Angle: 1.eight
* Keeping Torque: 2.45N.m * Rated voltage: 3.6 V * Rated present: 2.8 A
Chain Bundle
The Cable Drag Chain bundle consists of all the components for mounting Cable Drag Chains on your QueenBee Professional,WorkBee, Ox CNC or otherCNC machine to aid with cable administration. QueenBee Pro functionsThe QueenBee Pro has some very amazing characteristic that have been introduced. Some examples include: Upgraded Plate Established Design for all axis. The new plates have many essential features which includes * Increasing the workable peak * Delivering a answer for linear rail movement * Properly aligning the direct screw motion program * Anodised thicker plates * Additional mounting possibilities for growing all round rigidity * Smarter design to enable for effortless changes of components soon after assembly Substantial Good quality Precision Linear Rails for the total movement of the axis Upgraded Specialised Nut Block Spacer Lowers almost all X-Z Axis ‘flex’ with reinforce linear rails and added bracing. ‘PRO’ attributesThe unique QueenBee style was a great basis for the Bulk-Man 3D linear rail update, nevertheless it experienced some restricting characteristics that have been neglected. Following comments we gained from men and women upgrading their equipment to linear rail, some characteristics of the first design and style had been identified as issues and we worked on generating remedies in purchase to make the QueenBee Pro an even far more trustworthy and rigid style.Some updates to the original style contain: Standoffs for the CZPT nut blocks.The authentic style spaced the nut blocks employing the bolt and common metric spacers. Whilst this worked, the nut blocks have been extremely easy to misalign and adverse motion of the nut blocks resulted in the feed rate being minimal. The QueenBee Pro overcomes this concern by securing the nut blocks in place employing a specialised spacer block. With our new specialised secure spacer block there is no undesired motion in the nut blocks thanks to the prolonged standoff. The X and Z Plate layout allows for easy adjustments of the CZPT Nut Blocks following set up.If you have assembled a CNC Equipment you know there is practically nothing a lot more aggravating then having to disassemble elements just so you can modify one element. Our new style has labored to make changes straightforward even right after assembly. Extrusion inserted inside of the Y-Axis C-Beams creating the axis more powerfulThe empty space inside of the C-Beam has been loaded in to make a super rigid true 8040 profile. Y-Axis End Plates have been re-made to increase the rigidity of Y-Axis, as effectively as appropriately align the Guide Screw for the newHGR Rails.With the HGR rails and bearings spacing the gantry additional from the extrusion the CZPT Direct Screw has been cleverly positioned accordingly. Y-Axis Gantry Plates have been re-created to incorporate added mounting positions to safe X-Axis and improve Y-to-X Axisrigidity.A stronger Y-to-X Axis style has been launched to decrease the possibility of any axis ‘ abec 9 bearing size Deep groove ball bearing 608 2RS 8227MM skateboard bearings twist’. Extrusion secured to the back of the X-Axis to decrease flex and boost rigidityBy repairing extrusion to the again of the X-Axis the general rigidity has been improved considerably. All plates are developed for the Bulk-Man 3D Tingle Tensioning Program.Our Tingle Pressure Technique to reduce direct screw ‘whip’ is a key function in all new direct screw pushed types. New and improved rigid spoilerboard design and style.A more robust spoilerboard makes the baseboard set up each easier, and a lot more steady. Weighty Responsibility Slide in T-NutsThe Linear Rail is secured to the extrusion using Heavier Duty Slide in T-Nuts instead than the gentle duty Fall-In T-Nuts. Firm Profile FAQ —-PaymentWe settle for Alipay, West Union, TT. All significant credit history cards are acknowledged by means of protected payment processor ESCROW.Payment need to be made inside 3 times of purchase.If you are unable to checkout immediately right after auction close, please wait for a handful of minutes and retry .Why decide on usWe are a major supplier of wholesale products ( higher high quality Open up Source kits, equipment and areas) to the planet. If you see a similar solution on a retail website, odds are that we provided it to them! Cargo * Remember to publish Have to MATCH Shipping and delivery buy addresses. * Orders will be dispatched within 3-7 company days soon after payment gained.(Other than for the vacation)* Right after your get is shipped, you will get the monitoring number and also the tracking amount will be added to your Alibaba Trade Assurance get for you to track.* We can ship to you by UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS/Fedex,etc. We will choose the ideal transport method for you,pls contact us if you have concerns about transport.—-Customs TaxImport responsibilities, taxes and demand are not incorporated in the item value or shipping and delivery demand. These charges are buyer’sresponsibility.We usually will mark the goods for a lower value on the customs declaration and we are striving to support you lessen or keep away from GST orV.A.T or other import taxes. But we can not assure no tax cost as it is relies upon on your country’s coverage.-—FedBackWe will work with you to until you are happy. we sincerely hope that you can depart us a Constructive Comments& 5 Stars, for anyreason you are not happy with your purchase, please get in touch with us by means of (My Messages) or (Request Vendor Inquiries), Trade supervisor, 13-several years producer cnc ball screw sfu1204 before leaving neutral or unfavorable comments. We will do our ideal to take care of any problem and satisfy your wants.—Contact us?Speak to us by way of [email protected]

Types of Linear Rails and Their Uses

Whether you’re installing a new linear rail system or repairing an existing one, you’ll want to know the proper techniques and precautions for installing and maintaining it. There are a variety of applications for linear rails, such as sleeve-bearing slides, Dovetail rails, and sliding carriages. The main benefits of using linear rails are easy installation, minimal maintenance, and long lifespan.
linear rail


Choosing the best linear rail for your application can be a daunting task. There are several factors to consider such as cost, performance and durability. A good linear rail can be the basis for a variety of industrial applications. Selecting the right one for your application can eliminate hidden costs and improve overall performance.
A linear rail may be the best choice if your application is low-precision and requires less than a few millimetres of accuracy. A linear rail will allow you to achieve higher speeds and smoother motion. It is also less likely to bend under an over-loaded environment.
However, it is important to note that the cost of linear rails varies according to the material and design of the rail. If you are looking to save money, you might want to opt for a cheaper linear guide rail, like the CZPT V linear compact guide.
The CZPT(r) Linear Rail is a high load linear motion system designed to provide ease of installation and maintenance. It uses CZPT motion technology and has a sleek, compact design that can withstand harsh environments. It can also operate at high speeds over long travel lengths.
A linear rail can be installed by hand, but is best installed by a team of skilled professionals. Linear rods require fewer screws to attach shaft supports.
A good linear guide rail must be installed in a clean environment. Dust on the rail can combine with internal lubrication of rolling elements and can lead to reduced life span and efficiency.


Various types of linear rails are used in various industrial applications. These rails are typically made of stainless steel or carbon steel. They are also available in different sizes. They are also suitable for applications that require a high load capacity and stiffness. They can be mounted vertically, horizontally or both. They can also be joined together to form a long linear assembly.
Linear rails provide high load capacity and stiffness. They are also ideal for moving products with little or no friction. They can handle loads from a few grams to thousands of kilograms. They are also used in many machine-tool applications and in advanced medical applications. These systems are also used in semiconductor manufacturing.
When deciding on the type of linear guide to use, you must consider your needs. The most common types of linear guides are sliding contact guides and roller bearing guides. These linear guides are made of cylindrical rollers or spherical balls. They have high travel accuracy and minimal deflection.
Linear rails are often used in gantry robots, laser welding machines and other machine-tool applications. They are also used in manufacturing, packaging, material transfer, and other applications.
Linear guides are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They are also available in different types of materials. They are typically made of high-strength steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel. Depending on your application, you may need corrosion-resistant steel types.
linear rail

Dovetail rails

Whether it’s a straight mounting bracket, a telescopic sight or an optic, dovetail rails have a wide array of uses. While some may be overtly utilitarian, others have a high level of performance.
The DS series is a great example of a dovetail rail system that is both versatile and highly functional. Aside from their dovetail based design, the DS series offers two travel ranges: the XYZ and XYZ-XYZ. The XYZ-XYZ series is ideal for small controlled travel applications. These systems offer greater load bearing capabilities than their predecessors.
The CZPT FDD line of linear guides features dovetail rails as standard equipment. This line features both aluminium and grey cast iron versions. These guides have been touted for their quiet operation, ease of use and preloaded features. They are available in multiple lengths and mounting configurations, making them the perfect solution for your next project.
The FDD line of linear guides has a few nifty features that are not only impressive in their own right, but are also useful for other applications. The FDD line also features a self-lubricating, non-magnetic, and non-restrictive slide. This makes them the perfect choice for any application that requires low friction and high performance. Aside from the linear slides, FDD line linear guides also offer linear bearings, axis bearings, and a wide variety of other linear components. They are also renowned for their high level of quality and reliability.

Sleeve-bearing slides

Typically, these slides are used to reduce friction between moving parts of a machine system. They also allow for smooth, linear motion. These slides offer a number of benefits, such as increased load capacity, vibration resistance, and lower starting friction.
A number of manufacturers manufacture linear slides. Some of these slides reduce friction through surface coating, while others reduce friction through ball bearings. They also come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum and steel. These slides are a great solution for a wide variety of applications.
Ball bearing slides are the most common type of linear slide. They use self-lubricated ball bearings in the base. These slides also feature four rods that provide smooth, single-axis movement. Ball bearing slides are used for a variety of applications, including robotics and cabinetry. They can be powered by inertia or the drive mechanism.
Some linear slides also have an inverted design, allowing them to be attached in a different configuration. This can be a useful feature for installations that require more flexibility. Depending on the type of linear slide, the design may also be locked in place.
These slides are often used in light-duty applications, such as appliance parts and fragile instrumentation. They are typically made from aluminum and galvanized steel. These slides provide smooth, single-axis linear motion. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small to heavy-duty.

Sliding carriage and rail

Historically, sliding carriage and rail systems were used to allow lathes to perform operations. These systems consisted of a sliding carriage, a rail, and a drive unit. A drive unit, such as a ball screw or a servo motor, generates the force required to propel the carriage forward.
Sliding carriages are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The slide itself is made from several components, including roller bearings, a rail, and a carriage. The carriage can be attached to a profiled rail or it can be directly mounted on the rail.
The design of the sliding carriage depends on the type of linear guide used. The most common linear guide style is the roller bearing guide. A roller bearing guide uses roller bearings inside the carriage. It has an open or closed bushing that supports the shaft. Compared to the dovetail style, the boxway style has a higher projected surface area and can support heavier loads.
The CZPT head attaches to the sliding carriage and moves the camera along the rail. It is a compact, space saving solution. It can be set up on a floor or mounted on a tripod. It is quiet and corrosion free.
Sliding contact guides are the simplest style of linear guide. These guides use a series of sliding contacts to guide the carriage. They may be recirculating or non-recirculating.
linear rail


Keeping your linear guide rail in top shape may require periodic maintenance. The right maintenance procedures can ensure your linear guide lasts the test of time. Performing the most appropriate maintenance can also help you avoid costly repairs. In fact, some manufacturers even offer maintenance kits that include everything you need.
For starters, there are two main types of linear guides. One uses ball screw guides, while the other utilizes recirculating balls. These two designs require different lubrication techniques. Lubrication can be achieved by smearing grease on the ball bearing raceways and using disposable syringes to apply it. Using a lint-free paper towel to wipe out the groove is also a good idea.
Other maintenance procedures include cleaning and testing. A good way to determine if the rails are level is to check them with a dial indicator. Some manufacturers even offer kits that include grease and lubricant.
Using a specialised bearing lubricant is also a good idea. The right lubricant can make your linear guide last longer. It can also help prevent catastrophic failure. This is especially true for high-speed applications. You may also want to consider adding an extra layer of protection to your rails. If you do not have the funds to shell out for an upgrade, the next best thing is to keep your linear guide in tip-top condition.
The best way to achieve this is to keep the right lubricant at the right lubrication level. If you need to change the lubrication, make sure you clean the rail first.
China Black Extrusion 500x500mm QueenBee PRO CNC Wood Router complete Kit with Linear Rails upgrade 4Axis Woodworking Machinery 3D CNC     linear rail bindingChina Black Extrusion 500x500mm QueenBee PRO CNC Wood Router complete Kit with Linear Rails upgrade 4Axis Woodworking Machinery 3D CNC     linear rail binding
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